The Emerging Indian Cosmopolis
        The city has enjoyed the pleasures of a leisurely growth. Its transition from a traditional cotton farming land to a bustling city with an increasingly cosmopolitan flavour has been gradual, allowing its people to savour every stage of its development.
        In many ways, the 1970s was the high point of growth for the city and its people. The rich black cotton soil led to a flourishing cotton trade. Trade in turn inspired the growth of the textile industry and Coimbatore came to be known as the Manchester of the South, earning it a firm place in the world's textile industry.
        With time, the entrepreneur friendly environment resulted in the growth of different industries. Today, Coimbatore and its adjoining areas are at the brink of change. Its infrastructure is graring to meet an avalanche of technology led growth.
        The city's industrial community has contributed immensely to the fields of education and health care. It is perhaps this harmony of industrial, economic and social growth that has helped carve a unique identity.
        The urban setting is well segmented and has ample lung space within the structural framework. Whilst street life is a heavy concoction of smells, noises, people and sights, the suburbs reflect solitude.
        A large part of the city has sprawling homes, educational institutions and heritage buildings. However, the landscape is witnessing the rapid growth of towering apartments, gated communities, malls, multiplexes and specially created economic zones.
        The past has left indelible impressions on the land and in many ways has moulded its individually.
        Coimbatore, the loading light of Kongunaadu continues to radiate a charm that draws a multitude of people to its welcoming soil.
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